ICYMI: Changes at 7 C

It's a beautiful time to refresh your surroundings. It's been a while since I've sent an update. On a personal level I've been processing some deep healing, and might I say, readying the self for another change. Deeper self-loyalty, stronger boundaries.

I'm sure you feel me, right?

Autumn Equinox is on it's way, and I don't know about you but I am READY for this 'season of release'. The beginning of stripping things down to their roots. Dropping things that no longer serve us to make room for ourselves, to then go deeper within. To intentionally slow down and create a new routine for this season we're in (figuratively and literally).

Here at 7 C Salts it's no different...

We've decided to slow down on markets, peel back from retailers, and say no to selling certain items wholesale. You may have even notice some changes to our website...here's where those changes will affect you!

We will begin to sell certain items at certain times of the year. Moving forward (for now), we are going to try something a little different. Our original line of bath salts will be available in fall/winter/early spring ONLY, and our Mama + Me Line will be available nearing Mother's Day. Don't worry, I will let you know when your last chance is to make bath salt purchases.

That being said, I may create seasonal salts in extremely small batches for a limited time at the beginning of each season, which will reflect the season we will be moving into -- more on that later!

I will no longer be creating our signature line in bath bomb form, at least for now. I may feel like producing a seasonal treat here + there (like the Spring Into Transition bath bomb), but it will really be up to how I'm connecting with the collective if something is calling me to craft it.

With the price of everything going up in the past 2 years, I've done my best to keep costs low...it's getting extremely difficult to keep them affordable and still run a profit to keep the business side of things afloat, so new pricing will be in affect in January 2023. I would say now is your best time to stock up if you've had your eye on them but haven't given them a go just yet, or if you love them and were looking to get more.

As for releasing more of the old, there are only 4 of our Full Moon Bath Ceremony boxes left (2 Grounding, 2 Abundance). Once they're gone - they're GONE! Mattarot and I have decided to eliminate this ritual box (for the time being), which also means you can get each item individually now! You'll find the mini soaps + full servings of tea up on the 7 C site, under "Body Care". I will not have Matt's candles or rose quartz crystals (you can find those on Matt's site). The bath bombs will NOT have the rose quartz heart-shaped crystal embedded inside, however it will be in the form of bath flakes, so you can choose how much or how little to put in your bath -- keep some for a few full moon rituals, or use it all - it's up to you!

I'm SO excited to be moving into more body care items. I know I've been saying for some time that new things are coming, and they are...it really does just take time to concretize ideas into reality, especially when it comes to formulating, testing + ensuring products are balanced for shelf life.

With that being said, I'm SO STOKED to announce new products WILL be revealed over the next 4 months...

Drum roll please...we just launched our NEWEST formulation, our solar plexus chakra BODY BUTTER! They went live on the site on Thursday, September 22nd in conjunction with the first day of Fall...and though there is currently only one scent, I have another ready to roll out just in time for winter that I know you will LOVE.

Here's where the fun really begins -- we're clearing out our inventory, which means you'll get BIG savings!

Starting Thursday, September 22nd until Sunday, October 9th, you have the opportunity to snag some great deals.
For the duration of the sale weeks, buy two get one free on our signature line of bath salts!
There will be additional sales to all other items on the site throughout the 2 weeks so be sure to keep your eyes on your inbox or our Instagram Stories!

Let's end on a really exciting note...I'm super pumped to be gifting away one of our 'mini-set of 7' bath salts! To anyone who was already on our newsletter list, there was nothing for you to do in order to have this opportunity as you're already here in the community. For anyone who met us at our markets over the summer, you were invited to join in our online collective for the chance to win this set.

The last opportunity to enter will be at our next market: Friday, September 29th - Saturday, October 1st at the Paris Night Market. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter just yet, you can do so here.

I'll send out the winner name in our October newsletter on Sunday, October 2nd! You'll then receive a separate email from me directly to finalize mailing details. Good luck!

...Finally, if you're still reading this far, know how much I truly appreciate you being in this space, and teaching me incredible healing tools just as much as I hope to teach you.