The Chakra System: An Easy Understanding of Your Energy Centres Within

The Chakras are an incredible energetic source that you host within yourself -- energetic centres in and around your body that govern our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

The chakra system was found in some of the earliest Vedic texts in India, initially originating in Sanskrit and practiced by Hindus and Buddhists alike.

The original beliefs around the chakra system and the 'newer' Western theories differ in some capacity, with some fairly recent 'findings' in the last hundred years being taken into more wide-spread consideration. Perhaps there's space and time to do a full blog on that another time. For now, let's dive into what we accommodate here at 7 C Salts.

There are hundreds of chakras within us, and at 7 C Salts, we focus on 7 main energies with a blend of the different ideologies around the system itself. The 7 main chakras are:


Each chakra correlates to different physiological aspects, affecting each of your biological systems; and, different emotional needs and mental states. Each energy centre is represented by certain colours and 'seed sounds', and are known to respond to different frequencies or vibrations, and other external factors (like foods, healing herbs or scents).

While the word "chakra" means 'wheel' or 'disk', these subtle energies may not always feel like they are spinning or pulsing with an effective intensity, leaving you feeling a little 'off'.

When they are in alignment, we find that the categories of thought that are related to that chakra are "in flow"; meaning that people, situations, or things "come easy" to you. When they are out of balance, difficult situations may come up more often, and you may have a tendency to physically hurt yourself (accidentally or on purpose/self-sabotage), feel 'off', or just have a general dis-ease with life. You may find it harder than usual to flow through challenges and face them head on.

Imbalances are known to happen - you cannot be 100% 'perfectly aligned' all of the time. But when you are out of balance, or integrity, you can utilize the chakra system to see what is truly unaligned and work your way back into a more aligned state from there.

When triggers happen, or you feel life has been unfair to you, you can use the chakra system as somewhat of a signal to take a deeper look at where you can take responsibility, and then move in the direction of taking certain action in order to course-correct. Of course, not all things in life are your fault; but ultimately you are the one left picking up the pieces in your own life, so you must take accountability on how you will move forward.

Depending on your upbringing, you may have a different baseline energy for each chakra, meaning your energy may be able to handle 'more' of something (or less) than the next person. There's no 'right' or 'wrong' here -- just good ol' curiosity and a look into what a healthier baseline might look like for you. You can then utilize your childhood experiences along with the chakra system to help you determine where certain mental blocks stem from, as each chakra is developed at different stages of your life.

For me, the chakras are an incredible blueprint to our life -- from being able to recognize what is and isn't working, to then taking accountability on how to move forward.

It's an easier way to remove the blame-game habits we have as humans and assume ownership of our reaction to any situation at hand, without falling down the rabbit-hole; because through this system, you can look at things from a 'bigger-picture' perspective, therefore releasing some unintentional stress from your life.

If you're looking to figure out which chakras may be out of balance, you can always book a chakra analysis with me, here.

Or, if you're well-versed and are looking for an intentional way to work with your own energy, you can shop our products to help keep you in alignment + make it a beautiful ritual along the way.

There are so many easy ways to embody the chakra energy within's time to get inquisitive about this subtle body of ours that is so often neglected. I can't wait for you to begin your journey.


Nothin' but heart chakra love,




Over the summer, keep your eyes peeled for individual blogs for each chakra, containing pertinent information for each one. As they become available for reading, click the links below to get to each one.

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