Crown Chakra Sea Salt Spray - Mer~Mist
Crown Chakra Sea Salt Spray - Mer~Mist

Crown Chakra Sea Salt Spray - Mer~Mist

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Our newest addition to our 7C family is our Crown Chakra Sea Salt Spray!

Mer~Mist is a light + refreshingly invigorating blend of oils to tap you into higher conscious thoughts while you grow and strengthen your hair. With a sharp and clean note, this sea salt spray helps to bring forward transformation and an understanding of it. The oils in this blend are known to provide divine protection, promote clarity + support you in trusting in the unfolding of your journey.

Of course each ingredient has it's own purpose: from the dead sea salts to the organic aloe vera gel and argan oil, to the mixture of essential oils of lavender, marjoram, and peppermint.

Dead Sea Salt A fantastic protector in the spiritual realm, and in the physical it helps create those beachy's also known to prevent baldness in some.

Aloe Vera Gel repels negative energies and enhances your intuition. For your hair, it acts much like your typical hair gel -- except that it's you can expect to see healthy hair growth while strengthening your hair (and even preventing hair loss or dandruff). It's known to activate the root chakra as well, so it's a great ingredient to help us ground down before we connect with our higher energies.

Argan Oil a conditioner that helps protect, hydrate and retain moisture - leaving your hair nourished on the inside and soft + luscious on the outside.

Lavender Essential Oil is known to help you channel divine guidance and offers spiritual awareness. It's soothing, regenerative benefits for the skin work on the hair too as it aids in settling frizz, improving your texture, and hair growth as it increases circulation (helps with follicle growth). It's antimicrobial benefits may help reduce lice or other microorganisms.

Marjoram Essential Oil strengthens your nervous system, draws you inward and carries the spark of the cosmos - helping with a deeper understanding of others! This oil revitalizes your hair and works as an antibacterial to aid in removing impurities. It's widely known to assist in healing scalp infections as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil is a deeply transformational oil (why we love it so much in many of our products)! It brings a focused + present intent to your purpose, brought on by your higher self. It's known to assist in hair growth and thickness. It's great for balancing your hair sebum which at the end of the day means it can help with oily/greasy hair + scalp -- allowing your hair + scalp to feel refreshingly clean after use.


Support Yourself + Help Serve Others:
$1 from every bottle sold, goes to empowering disadvantaged youth and their communities to become Smart Villages, through The Learn and Uplift Foundation.

Shake bottle well before spritzing a few pumps onto wet or damp hair. Imagine a bright pink or white light shooting from the crown of your head + beaming brighter with each breath. Scrunch your hair with your hands or twirl your hair in your fingers as you say the affirmation on the label to tap into collective consciousness + your higher power. Allow hair to dry naturally for those beautiful beach waves, or use a blow dryer.

 *One 125 mL bottle is intended for multiple uses.


Ingredients: / Ingrédients:
Aqua (distilled water), Maris sal (dead sea salt), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe vera gel)*, Argania spinosa kernel oil (Argan oil)*, Rosemarinus officinalis extract (Rosemary CO2 extract)*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender essential oil)*, Origanum majorana leaf oil (Marjoram essential oil)*, Mentha piperita (Peppermint Essential Oil)*
*organic / biologique

Avoid if pregnant.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Please consider reusing our jars before recycling.

Use only as directed. For external use only; avoid contact with eyes. Various hair types may react differently to our products; test a small amount on your hair first. We use natural products in our creations, however, if you experience rashes or skin irritations, please stop use and consult a physician. Speaking of physicians, we are not doctors here at 7 C Salts, and though we do believe chakras are real, our products are meant to be used as a tool in conjunction with your current mental or physical health regimen, not in lieu of. Our care products are not intended for treating or diagnosing any disease, if you are suffering from mental health issues or physical pain, please consult a physician for care. Consult a physician prior to use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have serious pre-existing health conditions. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds. It goes without saying, our hair mist smells like a divine oceanic spray - but do not ingest our products.