Our Story

I'm here to assist you in balancing your chakras, one bath at a time...and here's why:

My name is Katelyn and it was only a few years ago I went through one of the most traumatic experiences I never thought I'd see myself going through. As a person who already experienced depression, I really didn't think there was much of a lower point I could get to.

I was wrong. 

At the time, I was far from home...and because I felt so disconnected, I felt it didn't matter to be 'here' anymore. My PTSD was so bad that I ended up making a pact with myself that if things didn't change, life had to end. I tried twice, ironically, in the tub + I 'failed' both times ...I'm forever grateful they were my best failures. 

It took a bit of time, but I realized I needed something to ground me back to my roots. So I invested more time doin' what my mama taught me -- balancing my chakras.

I was already having baths -- most nights because I was sore from working out, the other nights were due to cold weather, or my contemplating. When I began adding meditations & chakra work to my bath, it's not only when my episodes really skyrocketed, but I started feeling a sense of calm even while the episode was happening. Something kept telling me that 'there is good to come of this'. It was pushing me to really work through my pain, instead of avoiding it. It was awful. It was scary. It was worth every second.

At some point I started trading out the box store bath salts for bulk, and began adding in my own essential oils. I was intrigued to learn more so I took a few classes and learned that certain oils were good for feeling a certain way...so I played around with scents for my own chakra healing journey.

Enter 7 C Salts.

I was inspired by a friend who started her own business, and figured if I'm going through something like this, there must be others too. So I gifted a few of my first attempts as gifts, and they were adored.

A few twists + turns (and tweaks), and now I'm using my knowledge + intuition (and chakra energies) to help those who find it difficult to begin the process of their own healing journey so that they can see they deserve to live a joyful + fulfilled life too.

I'm sharing my experiences with trauma, depression, and PTSD to showcase we all have something going on, even if it doesn't look like it. I know the struggle. Work doesn't care you're going through it, and who really wants to tell their friends about the truly awful things life throws at us. But it's not until you do start sharing, that you find out just how many have gone through a similar thing.

You may be told these memories will be with you forever, but I'm here to tell you that they do not have to bring you down daily. I want to teach you that you have your own super power within -- the same one that got you through that nightmare, is the same one you can access now.

My mission is to get a world of aligned chakras so we can all be our truest self every day, and be more in tune with ourselves and others. Not only do I want for everyone to love themselves just a little more each day, but I want for everyone to love themselves enough to make time for self-care. I think it should be the top priority in everyone’s day. Whether your self-care a workout, healthy eating, or taking care of your body in some other form - it should all lead to some form of caring for your mental health, and looking deeper into yourself for answers. Caring for your mental health is so important.

That’s where 7 C Salts steps in. My biggest form of self-care is the bath. It's not just the 'bubbles'...it's what I do with my time IN the bath. The bath is more of a container that I connect something important to. I believe if we're moving into an era of true self-care, that bath time should be more mindful -- instead of watching Netflix or scrolling, it's the perfect time to put technology away and focus on ourselves. The perfect way to get more out of ‘me time’...because we all know reflection is the key to personal growth.

Tmake my bath more of an experience (and give me a new perspective on life) I found that adding in a few affirmations for my racing mind, a cup of salts to soothe my aching body, some drops of essential oils + a dash of meditation to lift my spirits was the perfect formula.

Every new scent brings back a soul memory, or can allow yourself to create a new one. This can help you through tough situations because you can change your feelings you attach to a memory through scent. Have you ever felt beaten down, and notice a certain smell brings you to a place of peace, serenity and joy?

The aromatherapy helps lift your mood and open the energy centres within you, and the salts do their magic to your physical body (ease muscle pain, help generate healthier, softer skin). Add in the affirmations on the labels to give you something to focus on in the tub, to give you an intention. You’ll find your mind, body and soul will leave the tub fully relaxed, reconnected and realigned.

That is my wish to you, when you bathe with our products.

Nothin' but heart chakra love,